Car Camera Pro Apk

With Car Camera, you will get rid of the problem of purchasing expensive dash cameras. This application will definitely amaze you with its unique highlights. Only for a small amount the cost of a standard dashboard camera.
Look without anyone else!

Main highlights:
- Control the application peacefully with a basic and clean UI,
- Change the recording parameters that are actuated such as objectives, white balance, adjustment, elaborate every second,
- Capture video and GPS area information from your adventures,
- capture a time pass recording (the video recorded seems to be sent quickly, for example, a 30-minute account entered into the 10-minute result video),
- See courses that you have captured in realtime with embedded Google Maps,
- Continuously recording in the foundation allows you to use your mobile normally for example routes or web researching (works best on Android 5+ renditions),
- Watch your chronicles and chase your area on Google Maps - face your chronicles with the built-in program.

Car Camera Pro Apk

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