Captain Nemo – Hidden Object Adventure Mod Apk

Captain Nemo - Find items for free and enjoy the best mystery investigation game.

This new discovery object game is VERY FREE: You can download the full version for free and open every scene without a purchase in the game. Good luck on your journey! Very nice!

It tells the story of the extraordinary journey of the mysterious Captain Nemo and three friends, who accidentally find themselves aboard their underwater ship, Nautilus.
Frigate Abraham Lincoln set out to look for undiscovered sea monsters. The expedition, where Pierre Aronnax, his loyal servant, Conseil, and Canadian harpist Ned Land joined in, found the monster and began the chase. Unexpectedly, the monster turned out to be a unique underwater ship. Professor Aronnax and two of his friends were captured by the Nautilus captain named Nemo. Despite the amazing beauty of the underwater world, these three friends want to break away and return to normal life in dry land ...

The object game of this invention has the following special features:
- Lively interiors of character ships, magical underwater scenes, and tropical islands.
- Complex and diverse locations: experience ordinary landscapes with 360-degree panoramas and 3D views!
- This newly found hidden objects game can be downloaded for free and easily resolved without the need for in-game purchases.

Prompt time is shortened to 4 seconds
The lower left corner prompts to zoom in and out.

Captain Nemo – Hidden Object Adventure Mod Apk

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