Brave Soul Heroes Mod Apk (Ultimate CD is 0/Ultimate Autocast)

Enter the world of Brave Soul Heroes - Fantasy Idle RPGs and get ready for an intense journey filled with dark creatures, short quests, arena battles, and epic treasures. Open heroes, make your party, improve their abilities and fight the orcs, magicians and big bosses! The fate of this country depends on you! Join the best standby RPG game and fight offline or online!

Some of your heroes have been kidnapped, and the government is receiving mysterious attacks from monsters and enemies. You are the only one who is able to save them! Start a dangerous mission with other players and face the darkness in epic trials between various countries. Complete your hero with magic swords, shields, and rings, learn new skills and fight creatures in the arena. Enjoy the strongest idle fantasy RPG game!

FEATURES of Brave Soul Heroes

⚔ Idle fantasy RPG games for free! Enjoy online or offline!

☄ Defeat waves of powerful enemies in automatic battles!

? Call, collect, equip, and train your hero. Lots of skills to unlock!

? Dozens of missions and special quests filled with dark creatures!

? Various classes & heroes: witches, archers, ocs, dwarves, pirates, assassins, physicians ...

? Many ways to play! Try to be strategic and wise!

? Your troops are waiting for you! Choose your hero and go to the arena!

Brave Soul Heroes Mod Apk (Ultimate CD is 0/Ultimate Autocast)

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