BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes RPG Mod Apk (Unlimited Energy/Unlocked all characters)

BoBoiBoy Galactic Heroes is a casual action RPG mobile game for the popular 3D animated TV series BoBoiBoy Galaxy which airs as Season 4 in November
Fight with the adult teenage gang BoBoiBoy and his friends to gather power balls throughout the galaxy and defeat the baddies and monsters in your path because many hunters have tried to move and capture the ball of power for their own benefit.
To stop the power ball from falling into the wrong hands, this RPG allows you to play as a super young BoBoiBoy hero and you must first reunite your friends to form a strong team to find and collect power balls from all the dangerous Universes. Galaxy is your playground!
Are you enough hero to help BoBoiBoy and his friends save the entire galaxy?

Play now: The official BoBoiBoy RPG action super hero game for the new BoBoiBoy Galaxy TV Series!

★ Casual action RPG mobile game
★ 3D characters in the 3D world by Unity Engine 5
★ 5 planets to play plus 1 last Boss planet
★ 60 stages in 6 different areas to defeat a lot of baddies
★ Many Battle Modes:
- turn-based battles
- Battle of Active Time (ATB)
- Special Quick Time Event (QTE) attacks
★ Save automatically at the end of each battle
★ Daily tasks and daily prizes available
★ Train & develop Monsters to make your team invincible
★ Collect 5 special Hero Characters with leader abilities
★ Fight in PVP with other people around the world

BoBoiBoy: Galactic Heroes RPG Mod Apk (Unlimited Energy/Unlocked all characters)

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