Auto Chess Defense Mod Apk V.1.1.2 (Unlimited Gold Coins)

Auto Chess Defense Mod Apk
Auto Chess Defense Mod Apk Auto Chess Defense that is actually ready for you!
Control your chess hero, build your own playstyle, join units, and control the golden balance to follow your strategy.
Destroy the enemy and show them who the real king is!

Auto Chess Feature:
• More than 50+ heroes available, all of which can be upgraded!
• 10 classes and 10 hero species ready for your combination.
• Free your automatic chess hero in an 8 × 8 wide-field! Freely arrange heroes' positions on the board, manage and check their statistics.
• Defeat all enemies, live to the end, get high prizes!
• Begin to match with all players in the world, move up to the top of the global ranking board.

Auto Chess Defense Mod Apk V.1.1.2 (Unlimited Gold Coins)

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