Animal Restaurant Mod Apk (Free ads to get publicity)

Animal Restaurant Mod Apk This heartwarming management simulation game all started with wild cats in the forest.
You are the owner of Animal Restaurant. Would you accept this strange and dirty cat and let it work in your restaurant?

You can learn all types of recipes,
like teriyaki, strawberry pancakes, shaved ice, and spaghetti!
There is even a pizza and avocado sandwich!

Mix and match all furniture styles.
We have a European-style dessert table, a Japanese-style fence, and a Mediterranean-style oven!
You can also have an Alice in Wonderland garden tea party!
Animal Restaurant Mod Apk

Hire cute cat staff,
including ragdoll cats, cat cats, and large orange cats!
You must also be on good terms with the eccentric chef!

As long as you work hard, you will always have a steady flow of customers.
Will you chat with many customers?
Will you listen to their thoughts, or argue with them?
Learn about customer stories through chat and letters. You can even participate and change their lives.
Listen to secrets, gossip, and tears-shaking experiences.

All this and much more can be found at Animal Restaurant - a simple but comfortable and funny restaurant that belongs to you!

Come open a restaurant and start your story!

Animal Restaurant Mod Apk (Free ads to get publicity)

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