American Sniper Shot Mod Apk (UNLIMITED GOLD/WEAPON/NO ADS)

American Sniper Shot is a realistic 3rd person shooting game where your main goal is to take down all targets and complete missions. Increase as your target number increases and get access to new and better assignments. Become a sniper shooter and protect all humanity. Improve your score and increase your contract rank to become the best hitman in the world. Sharpen your strategic skills and arrange the perfect assassination. Explore immersive environments, engage in rapid combat, and build the best super soldiers as you customize their sophisticated equipment.

Reload, stack bullets and shoot to eliminate your last enemy. Follow the sniper bullet while traveling to your killing. Get a close look at your handwork as a skilled sniper that you are in Sniper 3D Shooter! Use your money to increase your weapon statistics or buy new guns. Try to shoot the enemy using only one shot because that will do maximum damage.

American Sniper Shot Features: -

- Realistic bullet time effects and slow motion
- Easy and intuitive controls
- 20 weapons and human weapon upgrades
- Ultra-realistic graphics and cool animations
- Hundreds of thrilling levels
- Addictive FPS gameplay

American Sniper Shot Mod Apk (UNLIMITED GOLD/WEAPON/NO ADS)

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