YAZIO Calorie Counter Pro Apk

With YAZIO's free calorie counter app, you can manage your daily food diary, track your activity and lose weight successfully. Calculating calories and losing weight has never been easier!
More than 6 million people have reached their New Year's resolutions with YAZIO. Be a part of it.
YAZIO is the Best Diet and weight loss app for Android
-Personal plans to lose weight or build muscle
– Calorie table with over 2 million foods
-Nutrition Tracker and food diary for all meals
– Track calories, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
-Create food, add favorites or new food feedbacks
-Copy diary entries to other days easily
-Built-in barcode scanner for quick Search
-Track your workouts, exercises, and activities
– Calorie calculator to track calories burned
-Track your daily steps running and become more active
– Documenting your weight with a heavy tracker
-Assess your Diet and achievements
-Direct sync with Google Fit
-Use Wear App to take control
-Great widgets and shortcut features

Advantages of YAZIO PRO cannot be repatriated
-PRO is a handy extension of the free app
-With PRO, you will achieve your goal twice as fast
– A nutritional plan for low carbohydrate, high protein, etc.
-Over 100 healthy and delicious recipes
-Smart and Smart food rating
-More analysis including Diet and body stats
– Track other nutrients like sugar, fiber, and salt
-Know the foods with the most carbohydrates or fats
-Shows progress for the previous 2.5 years
– Track body fat, blood pressure, and blood sugar
– Measure your breasts, waist and hip circumference
– Plan your diet and exercise for the next day
-No more ads-who don't like it?
-Support our continuous improvement YAZIO


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