WORLD of SUBMARINES Mod Apk (Dumb bots)

WORLD of SUBMARINES Mod Apk Dive into the deep sea with the best free online Navy games ⚓ World of a submarine ⚓! Become a real submarine captain in the battle against fighters from around the world in dynamic PvP warfare games.

Gather the submarines of legendary fighters of the Soviet Union, Russia, China, England, the United States, and other countries to raise a fleet of seas. Upgrade your Armor sub-battleships, speed, and firepower. Get the best guns, perfect for different marine tactics and become an underwater war champion fighter.

Sink sea players from around the world and control the naval Arena in PvP game mode or against the enemy's fleet in Survival. Show honor in naval warfare and Blitz through the ranks for Admiral battleships! Explore the underwater regions of remote areas, canyons, ravines, concave temples to gain tactical gains and prepare for an ambush.

Sea Events Blitz, complete war missions and challenges to get the battleship resources in Wargame Navy. Dominate the world!

? Online PvP War
Alliance and fight with real submarine captains from around the world. Prove the power of your warships in a U-ship war game!
? Dozens of real subs
Take real battleships from the United States, UK, Germany and other countries in naval PvP battles. Akula, Typhoon, Seawolf, Los Angeles, Ohio, U-Boat, and others.
? Game looks progress
Get experience from online battles, expand your U-Boats fleet and increase firepower. Blitz leaderboard for Champion League and become a legendary warrior! Collect the best fleet of sub battleships!
? Upgrade and customize submarines
Create a unique sub warship with an upgrade RPG system and abilities. Upgrade your engine, Hull, U-ship guns and train your marine crew to gain war abilities. Use the Nano Emblem, a special torpedo, and a defense module to change the tide of war!
? Various game modes
Sink enemy submarines in a team PvP battle, control the underwater area or a submarine fighter fleet in PvE survival. Choose your war tactics-destroy everything with rain torpedoes or use an ambush to sink the enemy to the U-ship!
? Realistic damage
Intense battles can lead to decompression, fire events, baling failure, and other damage. Choose your PvP tactics in marine Wargame by equipping special torpedoes and maintain a stock repair kit for quick maintenance.
? Various arenas for naval battles
Dive into the battle of dynamic shooters in the abyss, Arctic, canyons, and concave temples. Enjoy the beautiful underwater sightings and explore the war Arena to gain tactical gains in Blitz battles!
? Stunning graphics and location
Enjoy every second in this war game with realistic graphics, visually stunning, detailed U-Ships and locations! You can change graphics settings to improve visual or performance.
? Convenient controls
Submarine Simulator with intuitive controls, autopilot, and Auto-firing feature adjustable. But you will need the skills to become a champion fighter Wargame!

WORLD of SUBMARINES Mod Apk (Dumb bots)

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