Wonder Park Magic Rides Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

Wonder Park Magic Rides Mod Apk Create your dream garden with Wonder Park Magic rides! Build awesome rollercoasters, craft items, collect Wonderchimps, decorate your garden and manage your visitors to become a true Tycoon. Ever wondered what it would be like if your dream amusement park comes to life? Join the characters from the movie in this amazing garden building adventure. Can you breathe life back into Wonder Park? Start from scratch and become a hero!


? RIDES: Build awesome rides and watch them go! Fully animated ROLLERCOASTERS, spinning rides, Flying chairs, Ferris Wheels, and much more!

? BUILD: You are the creator of Wonder Park! Each Theme Park area can be tailored to your liking. Add decorations, attractions, roads and more to make your own WONDER PARK!

? PARK MANAGEMENT: Become THEME PARK TYCOON! Collect, craft and sell items to keep your amusement park happy and thriving. Have as many visitors as possible and fill your HAPPINESS METER!

? Collect WONDERCHIMPS: Add all your favorite WonderChimps to your park! There are many to collect, and more will be added regularly. Watch out for Chimpanzombies looking to dismantle your park attractions!

? CRAFT: Get ingredients and cook Staples Park like popcorn, Candy Apples, Ice Cream, Burgers and many more!

? ENTERTAINING: Your visitors will send you hundreds of FUN QUESTS! Fulfill their desire to gain experience and unlock more content!

? FRIENDS: Visit your friends and steal ideas for your own park!

Wonder Park Magic Rides Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

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