Valkyrie Crusade Mod Apk

Valkyrie Crusade Mod Apk
Valkyrie Crusade Mod Apk Valkyrie Crusade combines epic RPG-style card battles featuring beautiful girls with a fantastic city building simulator. Enjoy both types of games at the same time!
■ Beautiful Maiden battle cards!
Summon a variety of beautiful girls!
Create your own units, fuse cards with evolution and merging, and charge into battle.
Be friendly with your girl and strengthen your bonding......

■ Create a beautiful  "Kingdom "!
Build structures with various effects, and design your own unique city.
Even unproficient players in RPG can enjoy the buildings and decorations of their city.

■ Incredible battles!
Organize your units and march into each region to restore peace to the celestial realm in the  "campaign ".
Battle other players in "duel" to get "sacred relics".
Work with colleagues to defeat powerful enemies known as  "Archwitches ".
Various card battles await you!

1. Infinite skill
2. Instant wake up burst
3. Trigger opportunity 100%

Valkyrie Crusade Mod Apk

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