Uncharted Tides: Port Royal Mod Apk (Unlimited reminder)

Dead people say no story!
And the story of a famous ship – The cursed Rose – probably cost the famous sailor Mason Owens his life. As a daughter you can do just one thing – find the cursed ship and learn the fate of your father.


Mason Owens lost for decades, but the oldest friend sent you a message saying that he could help keep track of him. The last thing your father was looking for before he disappeared, was a supernatural ship called the Cursed Rose. However, all is not as it seems... and quick quests transformed into a swinging pirate adventure, as you sail in the uncharted tide!

You! Immerse yourself in this sea-worthy adventure playing the game from two different perspectives. Browse the mystery of condemning Rose both as Mary Jane-the princess swinging a famous captain and Jack-nimble thief with a golden heart.

Knowing what the famous sailor, Mason Owens, was looking for, what a daring adventure she lived through and why she left her daughter behind.

Find a legendary, magical vessel whose name is whispering only by the bravest. Damned Roses. A Man-O-war that every pirate in the Caribbean wants for himself. Is your arrr ready?

Uncharted Tides: Port Royal  Feature
• Play as Mary Jane – Brave Sailor and Jack – honorable thief!
• Use your magic compass to solve 20 seadog puzzles and get booty!
• Overcome each obstacle with your trusty Lockpick!
• Explore 55 Caribbean locations to find legendary ships!
• Play an extra adventure –  "Troubled Waters"!

Uncharted Tides: Port Royal Mod Apk (Unlimited reminder)

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