Triple Chain Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode)

Triple Chain Mod Apk
Triple Chain Mod Apk Get ready for an action-packed HERO COLLECTION, strategy, ADVENTURE, MATCH 3, PUZZLE, and RPG rolled into one! TripleChain transforms MATCH3 PUZZLE RPG game with challenging and addictive gameplay you shouldn't miss!

Use simple touch-and-drag controls, collect and help your Heroes defeat enemies in this challenging chain puzzle quest. Test your skill-making chains and connect your way to victory before it turns out you run out!

Discover the fascinating world of Triple Chain!


Strategy & Play Game
· Unlock new locations by clearing all search maps with your team of Heroes
· Create a chain of cells on the entire map search to release attacks against targets
· Choose strategic cell chains for explosive combos and high damage attacks!
· Collect amazing rewards by clearing challenging search maps

Hero System
· Unlock a variety of different heroes to join you in battle.
· Collect hero classes from Warriors, specialists, tankers, dealer damages, support, and healers.
· Upgrade your skills, Runes, and Gears to enhance your Hero attributes.
· Create your team of Heroes and use their special attacks for maximum profit

Triple Chain Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode)

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