Torikago Mod Apk (Weak enemy)

Torikago Feature

■ Skinship in 3D Care · Full voice!

Heal your princess daughter with  "Care "
Harlem life Dream...!?
Brush and touch the ears and tail
Dress up and give something you like...
It will become stronger if you deepen the bond with your princess Kemomi!

■ Let's experience a new flavor  "Betrayal battle "!

Responding to an assault proposal from a princess Kemomi
 "Go!!  "SELECT " Ignore  "" Battle lover  "
When reading the mood of a princess Kemomi
Take advantage of enemy weaknesses and capture battles!
Set your own party and defeat the enemies!

■ The collapse of the city <Tokyo> finds RPG!

"Tokyo " with <Gaiju> Beast City is the enemy
Let's catch and get the "Legacy of civilization"!
You avoid enemies and find treasures,
Can you catch...??
Simple operation and crunchy operation
Go to adventure with Side-scrolling action!

■ Full & sounds full animated cut-in

With full animation & Sound
Decide on the luxury cut-in special moves!
Super gorgeous animations on all cards
Cut-In recorded!
Strong, cute, fun, funny, happy!
Don't miss the big scene!

■ This is a great adventure with the cutest sage girl in Wagamama!

Your friend has one and two chicks
Lovely Kemomimi our <Chemomix> girls!
Inumi, Neko Mimi, Usami...
The story of the bonding with unique Wagamama heroes is waiting for you!

Torikago Mod Apk (Weak enemy)

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