Top Rider: Bike Race & Real Traffic Mod Apk

Top Rider: Bike Race & Real Traffic Mod Apk This time, you will head out on an endless ride and ride the motorbike with more traffic on the road! Top Rider of T-Bull extended by various gameplay modes already available on Google Play! Manage your vehicle, upgrade motorcycle parts, race out, and lose other rivals or drivers on the highway! It is quite easy to have a crash!

Discover more than 25,000 bike TUNING and CUSTOMIZATION combinations-Tune your favorite moto! Give your motorbike a unique performance and show who is the best and fastest! There are more than 25,000 combinations of different bike parts! Each section has an influence on your speed, braking system, steering, and even cash earned! Upgrade engines, brakes, wheels, tires, couplings, chains, suspensions, transmissions, and more!

CHOOSE from 11 BIKES between 3 different classes-what is your favorite motorcycle class? Chopper, Superbike or Motocross? Choose wisely, head out, race fast, and earn rewards! This will help you raise money to buy new bikes. Increase the garage level by collecting blueprints and special cards! Open the card pack and become faster!

Enjoy the ADDICTIVE TRAFFIC RACE mode-Feel the real madness on the highway and highway where the speed limit does not exist! Turn on the Nitrous and feel the real emotion! If you need more speed, make a perfect miss, leave your opponents to the back, and earn bonus points! Choose a classic racer or idle Clicker gameplay mode. It's easy to learn but hard to master!

LEVEL up 5 Unique skills-Manage your ride and level their skills to enjoy the endless traffic running! Switch between idle mode and Arcade races to choose the best racing strategy! Act as a Moto manager or jump behind the wheel. Increase speed, critical nitro, and cash sponsors with sponsors to get more! If you are riding a bike in arcade mode you can use Super Fuel skills, or Shield to avoid accidents and crashes!

Try to make your mark on the ONLINE LEADERBOARDS-you can finally compete with your Facebook friends. Send them invites, earn rewards, and test this multiplayer feature! In addition, you can take part in ONLINE tournaments and time-LIMITED EVENTS! The essence of the seamless arcade Moto Racing world is still there but in the Shell of the next generation of idle racing Clicker. From now on you don't have to play just tap Clicker game!

Explore the incredible highway traffic environment – in addition to having a wide range of tuning options you can also change the colors of motorcycles and look perfect on asphalt tracks! Top Rider combines idle tap game with arcade category game mode. The more players spend time, the more bonuses they earn. Thousands of upgrades, over millions of virtual opponents, experience the genre of CCG games, and a huge collection of multiplayer leagues.

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2. Skill CD 0
3. Free Shop(IAP)

Top Rider: Bike Race & Real Traffic Mod Apk

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