This Is the Police Mod Apk (Unlimited money, employee energy is not reduce) + Obb

 This Is the Police Mod Apk
This Is the Police Mod Apk This is the police strategy/adventure game set in a deplete spiral city. Taking the role of a grungy police chief Jack Boyd, you'll dive into a deep story of crime and intrigue. Will Jack reach retirement with a pile of good bills, or it will end up broke... Or worse?

-Your mission is clear: Make $500,000 in 180 days before Jack Boyd reaches retirement. How? It's up to you!

-Decisions, decisions! This is the COP is all about dark stories and how you react to it. Whatever you decide, your choice will affect the game and the fate of Jack Boyd.

-The good, the bad, and the... The ugly? Freeburg Police chief deals with all types of people. It's up to you to find the bad guys and decide how to deal with them.

– Carry out your tasks. As the head of Freeburg PD, Jack deals with all sorts of challenges every day: Responding to emergencies, managing officers, defending the department against City Halls and corrupt mayors, and much more.

-Solving investigations and collecting evidence against the Freeburg criminal gang.

-Deal with competing forces of the city. Everyone offers help, and each comes with a price.

– A rich and sound story: Jack Boyd is portrayed by Jon St. John, the voice of Duke Nukem.

This Is the Police Mod Apk (Unlimited money, employee energy is not reduce) + Obb

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