The Spellbinding Kiss Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

The Spellbinding Kiss Mod Apk
The Spellbinding Kiss Mod Apk You are a young woman working in a pharmacy handed down by your father. When you return home in the afternoon of the annual City Festival, it suddenly turns into night and the storm rages off. You hurry to close the shop when you hear loud noises. Coming towards you is a blood-covered man.
You rushed to the injured person and tried to help him, but his injuries were profound. You can do nothing but pray for his life... Until you see that his wounds begin to heal themselves?!
Before you can be aware of what is happening, a mysterious man appears in front of you. He says  "It looks like you have the power of your father. " As he approaches you, but as he tries to touch you, the wounded young man jumps on him and the two disappear into lightning.

The next day, you wake up on the floor. The world around you is the peace and events of the day before it looks like a dream. When you try to convince yourself that the man is just the effect of a bad night's sleep, you see an envelope on your desk that reads,  "Letter of acceptance to Miss Cromwell's College for Magical Studies ".
Though nervous, you decide to enroll in the Academy of Magic. Waiting for you are three handsome men, each with their own unique skillsets and personalities. Learning Magic in the Academy, every day is a new experience for you, but you can feel that there may be something evil happening behind closed doors...

What kind of magical abilities do you have? Who are the mystery men that appear in your store?
Who will be the one who casts magic spells in your heart?

■ ■ Characters ■ ■
A mysterious young man who appears in your store is covered in wounds. He does not speak much with others and tends to do everything himself. Although he makes himself difficult to approach, he is kind and ensures that you stay out of danger. He is skilled, and also knowledgable in magic.

Jules is a naturally skilled magician who is capable of using high-level magic as well as black magic, which is labeled as taboo. He often mocks you as you struggle to take on the concept of magic. People in the city have labeled her as a child of trouble and avoid it, but she seems to have gotten used to being hated by others.

• Cien
Your upperclassman, Cien is good for everyone and seems a perfect person. She is a student of honor and Pride in school, as well as becoming popular with girls. She always acts cheerful towards you but secretly feels depressed for their expectations around her.

The Spellbinding Kiss Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

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