The Mirage of Steel Blue Mod Apk (Weak Enemy HP and damage)

The Mirage of Steel Blue Mod Apk 
 【 Early Story 】
The third cold War... Russia, which reached a high-speed economic growth and expanded its influence, joined hands with a Russian school mother state and began facing NATO campaigns including the United States.
With a conflict between increasingly intensive camps, Maximus Hilbert founded NeoForce, a privately held military company with the finest technology and world development powers. A few years later, we created a special power, equipped with a device that simulates a battleship, the Neo Navy fleet.
After that suddenly appeared, the mysterious "ocean liner in " with the power to exceed the navy of each country.
The only countermeasure left in every country is to apply for a rescue to the Neo naval fleet and ask the crew to fight the Deepwater water......

What is an unidentified enemy  "ships in "...? Why do they keep fighting...?
Their story continues to struggle as members of the Neo force now begin...

【 The Mirage of Steel Blue System 】
◆ Battlefield Simulation full of RPG strategy
As commander of the Neo Force naval fleet, let's use the compatibility of various skills, types of vessels and various equipment to lead the battle that will advance in real-time to victory.
People who are not good at operations and busy people can also choose ' AUTO ' or ' SEMI ' to leave all the action to the crew.

◆ Serious worldview and an entirely original story
Truth is revealed as I advance the waters.

◆ Unique personnel and lines
Many members appear. Members of the Neo force (character) you like can be a secretary that supports combat and life, and you can also see various conversations.

The Mirage of Steel Blue Mod Apk (Weak Enemy HP and damage)

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