Ten Sura Mod Apk (Weak Enemy)

Ten Sura Mod Apk
Ten Sura Mod Apk
【 Reincarnation × founder × Battle × RPG =! What?! What? 】
One day normal humans are reincarnated to slime! What?
Slime as in the original as in other worlds
Rise of the world!!
An easy-to-use action RPG!

【 Popular character from the original was a huge success!! 】
The Benimaru! Shuna!
The child is familiar with the original work and relocation of the slur
Zurari varies!!!

Aims! The Commonwealth of Satan (Tempest)! 】
Slime is a city making even in the game!
The stronger our bond with our colleagues
The city will also evolve!!
A new facility is built and the city grows fast
It will evolve!
From Goblin village, destination! Democratic Federation
How to Tempest!

Ten Sura Mod Apk (Weak Enemy)

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