Taps to Riches v2.73 Mod Apk

Taps to Riches Mod Apk
Taps to Riches Mod Apk Start from the bottom as the newly freed criminals with huge dreams once again reach world domination. Tap your way to wealth and money by upgrading buildings and investing in your city. The more money you invest in your business, the more funds they earn for you. Employ valuable advisors to unlock special business bonuses, and use Bizbot resources for more cash bonuses!

Taps to Riches Feature
-Expand your empire into multiple cities with unique challenges
-Hundreds of funny advisors adding valuable business bonuses! Collect them all!
-Dare to reset your progress and take advantage of the Bizbots, a valuable resource that gives you more bonus money per TAP!
-Buy and upgrade your business to see them evolve into architectural masterpieces!
-Tons of bonuses and achievements for you to discover with all your frenzies tapping!
-More Upcoming features!

Unlimited Money
Money increase when spent!

Taps to Riches v2.73 Mod Apk

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