Tap Tap Builder Mod Apk (Shopping doesn’t take money)

Invite you to build your dream City and become mayor! But before leaning on a comfortable boss seat, you have to roll up your sleeves and do some work. Want to build skyscrapers? TAP-Tap and you're done! Not enough money? TAP-tap and get some! A fire broke out? TAP-Tap and save your people!

Tap Tap Builder feature
• The city won't build its own, tap to build it!
• Tired of knocking? Hire some workers!
• The city keeps growing and brings you money even when you're away!
• Exchange resources with your friends!
• Fire, crime, unemployment – deal with everything, you're the boss!
• Build your own city, with Blackjack and Spaceport!

Tap Tap Builder Mod Apk (Shopping doesn’t take money)

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