Tales Rush! Mod Apk (GOD MODE/ FULL ENERGY)

Tales Rush! Mod Apk
Tales Rush! Mod Apk

This is a fairy tale written by you!

Your heroes, the sword-Alice girls, and the Ninja Alibaba, you will command them on an unknown full adventure.

In a world ruled by this crisis, in the face of a well-intentioned gift, crazy game, Blood curse, accept or reject?

It's up to you!

How the story ends, let's wait and see!

Features of Tales Rush!

* Tap and slide, release your finger to attack, enjoy thrilling battles with simple operation.

* Random skills, every adventure is a new experience.

* Challenge powerful enemies and use your strengths to conquer them.

* Recruit heroes to experience a very different way of fighting.

* You will find a variety of story characters. Different options will cause different results.

Tales Rush! Mod Apk (GOD MODE/ FULL ENERGY)

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