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Takashi – Ninja Warrior Mod Apk (Unconditional purchase of swords, darts, clothing in the game and gold imposed)

Takashi – Ninja Warrior Mod Apk
Takashi – Ninja Warrior Mod Apk Takashi Ninja Warrior is a Ninja fighting game in which epic heroes riding in medieval Japan are full of wars, strife, and magic. Forge your destiny in the most thrilling action-Adventure RPG game. Shadow Ninja Assassin Warrior will be surrounded by powerful damaged enemies. Get ready for the sword fight, engage in real quests, and become the legendary ninja Samurai warrior of your people. Cast a witchery spell to win boss battles in the Battle arena.


The story is based on the land of Tochi, a secret land. A great hero, Takashi, the son of Arashi is a Japanese ninja who must fight for a return with his deadly sword for the ultimate glory of defeating Tochi corruption.


Using the divine resistance originating from the Arashi family, Takashi fought a battle against the sword using iron and gold swords, axes, hammers. The shadow Killer Ninja Samurai must destroy the darkness and the damaged enemy in the land of Tochi. Improve your monster hunter skills to hack n slash for Payback to scary criminals. Upgrade your character, unlock weapons, reinforce Armor, and fight on a broken battlefield of Japanese lands. Save the World from eternal Darkness.


Takashi Ninja Warrior has a map system that is interconnected with threatening traps. Players can access distant locations using secret lanes. If the player explores the entire map, he can find a secret room with a secret treasure that may contain different types of rewards.


Takashi differs from the common Ninja game. You will need to focus on some features throughout the game. If a player wants to see his shares, his income, and progress, inventory is the main access point for the player to interact with.

Use your sword fighting game style to defeat the enemy. All enemies have different behaviors, according to which the player has to choose the appropriate fighting style.


The game cannot be solved with only one type of weapon. Takashi will be given with many types of weapons to experience a real word brawl. Each weapon has its own attributes and stories.


Change Takashi from the costume according to your choice from the in-App store.

Explore amazing quests in 3D-modern graphics and realistic physics in shadow Ninja Arashi battle Adventure. Collect different weapons and use special abilities, perks and upgrades. Use the Monster Hunter skills to defeat monsters in Japanese battle boss fights. With its beautiful and exciting levels, this strategy game lets you become a legendary Ninja Samurai warrior killer.


This true Ninja Warrior Game is the first soul with elements of Ninja RPG on mobile. A huge reward Payback challenge is waiting for you. Get ready for battle in a broken world. Try the Soul game experience on your phone. For fans of Ultimate Ninja battles, Samurai fighters, medieval legends, and Ninja RPG games, this amazing adventure is a thriller you've never experienced before.

Takashi – Ninja Warrior Mod Apk (Unconditional purchase of swords, darts, clothing in the game and gold imposed)