Taichi Panda: Heroes Mod Apk (x100 DMG/GOD MODE/LINKED WITH ENEMY IN PVP)

Taichi Panda: Heroes Mod Apk
Taichi Panda: Heroes Mod Apk Journey back to a long time forgotten in a kingdom of magical chaos and powerful Panda warrior with Heroes. Collect and manage your band from legendary champions to discover exciting action and exciting adventures in the world of open-RPG online thrill! Listen to the call and join your heroes!
Taichi Panda: Heroes Feature

Back to the Amazing world

Travel back to the day before and discover the thriving fantasy kingdom. Explore a vast and exciting world of bandits and fighters, mystics and maniacs, all rendered in PC quality graphics. Become a true Sky champion as a fight, hack, bash, and cut your way to riches and glory in this action-fast and 3D action-adventure!

Command your army of Heroes

Take control of a variety of unique and powerful heroes with innovative multi-character systems from Heroes. Collect your troops and choose your squad to take the pitch, fight through endless hordes and villainous beasts to seize the day. Mix and match your heroes and switch your main character to suit your strategy.

Explore Far Corners Land

A lot of reclining wonders are hidden across continents, waiting for Heroes to find them! Venture into the unknown and face the terror that dwells to uncover riches, treasures, and glory in a large-scale open game world. Battle with fellow players, take on special missions, and fight for survival with open players on player action!

Join allies for legendary action

Stock your loyalty and fight for honor, power, or wealth with your friends in an online action adventure! Take on powerful beasts of extraordinary power alongside allies, and fight to become the ultimate champion with the online arena. Join your friends in the team and Guilds to discover your own legendary adventure!

Taichi Panda: Heroes Mod Apk (x100 DMG/GOD MODE/LINKED WITH ENEMY IN PVP)

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