Sword Knights Mod Apk (One Hit Kill)

Sword Knights Mod Apk
Sword Knights Mod Apk
Sword Knights Feature
▶ A variety of dungeons that run synchronously
・Proceed to five dungeons at the same time, idle RPG game!!
Show the characteristics of the monster by each Dungeon!
Discover the weak spots and organize the equipment and heroes!

▶ Easy and fun to improve the equipment
・Strengthen and combine the pouring equipment!
・Earn and upgrade legendary equipment!
・Experience powerfulness immediately after strengthening and combining

▶ Be strong with your own village
・Develop your own village differently from others
Raise your own village skills to suit your tastes!
Let's find the quick-gain shortcut!

▶ Collect various Heroes
Collect different types of heroes and others with diverse abilities!
Place them according to gear and basement!

▶ Acquire legendary equipment
・If you collect the necessary materials, there is legendary equipment that can be obtained!
Be the first to get good and powerful equipment!

▶ Let's go for the first place
Various ranking systems anyone can easily enjoy!
Who is the winner?! Let's challenge now!

Sword Knights Mod Apk (One Hit Kill)

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