Survival Island: EVO 2 Mod Apk

Centuries have passed before humanity finally reaches its long-awaited goal – we have conquered the Earth and enslaved the forces of nature. But you know how they say, the bigger they are – the harder they fall. Finally, we did not fall and it was difficult. The catastrophic environment explodes, covering every major city in toxic smoke, the atmosphere becomes less and less habitable with each passing day, the Earth's light begins to rot. The only way to delay the inevitable turns out to be a special emulsion obtained from the rarest Pridium metal. The Earth Protection Committee formed a special task force in order to discover a new world rich in Pridium. You stepped in as a volunteer and left for an unexplored region but as it usually happens, something goes wrong. You woke up on an island without a team, no water or food, no clothes and only with a dull head and a pile of questions. You have to survive in every way and go home. It won't be easy so get going and good luck!

Survival Island: EVO 2 features:
* Explore the Wilderness!
* Build your house from the ground up!
* Take advantage of an extensive crafting system with many recipes!
* Meet the island Fauna!
* Island Survival Sandbox simulator.

Skill points are not reduced
Infinitely durable
And more items are added

Survival Island: EVO 2 Mod Apk

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