Survival Ark : Zombie Plague Battlelands Mod Apk

Survival Ark : Zombie Plague Battlelands Mod Apk
Survival Ark : Zombie Plague Battlelands Mod Apk The Virus  "SEV " has almost destroyed this island. Mutated creatures have filled this small island. Beast Beasts, Horrible giants, and live deads, many threats hidden on this island. Build your own shelter, Armor yourself, fight your way to survival or be the next victim of the plague.

However, you are not alone. Protection, the last ark on the island, civilians survived the plague that lives in this shelter, waiting for rescuers who can help them survive this disaster. Food, water, all resources are running out. If the shelter falls, everyone will be consumed by the plague. You are their only hope.

Survival is your first priority, but you can not just hide in the shelter. Choose each step carefully, there must be someone behind all these disasters. Where did the plague come from? Choose each step carefully and you can reveal who is carrying the virus here. Stop him, stop the plague or it will destroy the whole world!

Explore the Isle of Paradise
The Paradise Isle used to be the perfect place for the holidays, and now this is the place with dangers everywhere. Animals in the woods, mutating creatures hiding in each bush, the masses take over the city. There are many places you can explore.

Scavenge all valuable resources and craft survival needs
You need everything you can find for survival. Every drop of water, every piece of meat, every pile of stone, you need all of them to craft the need to build your ark.

Build Your own Ark
You can not survive if you have no place to hide. Build a shelter and which will be your ark to survive on this island.

Fight for survival
There is no place to tighten. The rampant mutated creatures will rip everything in their separate views. You need to fight for your life.

[Survival Ark : Zombie Plague Battlelands features]
1. Survival Sandbox Game
Collect resources and craft everything you need at your shelter. It's time for Armor up!
Around 150 types of products, you can craft in-game. Weapons, Armor, potions, food, what do you need for survival?

2. Easier operation
Double wheel control, simple and fast.
Instant action, full of impact.
Experience a beautiful battle, nobody wants to miss, especially fans of hardcore Survival games!

3. Visual impact
Facing, everything is visible.
The best scenes you've ever seen, made by a team of professional artists.

4. Diverse Monsters
From sparrows and pheasants to wolves and bears, creatures in paradise Isle have been infected and mutated! Be careful!
Different variant species should be killed with different weapons and strategies.

5. Rich Story
A thrilling, immersive story, and explore the island with your character.
As the story goes, the plotter will reveal his face. Will you give up when facing danger?

1 Hit
Unlimited Money
Unlimited Ammo
Unlimited Energy

Survival Ark : Zombie Plague Battlelands Mod Apk

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