Super Gundam Royale Mod Apk (Auto win)

Super Gundam Royale Mod Apk
Super Gundam Royale Mod Apk
■ Easy operation! Crunchy battles with tap button! Just press  "Attack " and  "Skill " Button! Drop enemy planes with ultra-striking attacks from mobile settings! Super Gundam Royale that you can play free even in pause time!

■ Reproduce the serif name of the character by the original Anime voice actors! Amuro Rei, Char · Asno, of course, a popular character that sings the name like a serif like Carpainter YUI, Kira Yamato, Fina · F Seiei Banner · Links, Crescent Moon · Augus appeared one after another!

■ Mobile Suit of the popular War participation series! Reproduce the famous scene in the game! Gundam, ZZ Gundam, Wing Gundam Zero, Strike Freedom Gundam, Double organ, etc. Popular Mobile suits are very active in combat with easy operation!

■ Multiplayer battles! Match Chikara to your friends, and face the big bosses! Shoot powerful enemies that appear in the original like Big Zam, Geong, Psycho Gundam, Quin Mansa!

■ A game system that you can play fast in no time! Feel free to play when there is little time! Lots of Logbo items you can get every day!

Super Gundam Royale Mod Apk (Auto win)

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