Striker Soccer America 2015 Mod Apk (Use of gold coins without increasing the increase)

This time you should lead your national team to the top in the 2015 Copa America in Chile.

You can play four different game modes with 12 teams present in the Copa America 2015, or compete with six other teams invited.

You can choose your favorite team between the 12 teams participating in the 2015 Copa America from Chile: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. And you also have the ability to play with other invited teams such as the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama.

Play Friendlies or make your team an American champion in the competition. Enjoy the challenge mode where you have to go completely up to 10 challenges on your way to the championship title of a simple choice. Another new thing is ONLINE EVENTS MODE where you can choose a team of real matches from Copa America and collect points to earn big prizes.

During Copa America, you can choose one team to highlight the match of the day and have the chance to accumulate points for your favorite team. Play as many matches as possible and lead the rankings to earn great prizes. Also, if your chosen team wins the event, the prizes are multiplied by 2!

Striker Soccer America 2015 features:

✔ Record and share your game highlights with Kamcord!
✔ Prepare the best tactics for each match. You have up to 7 configurations available.
✔ Three levels of difficulty.
✔ Full Control of your players: shoot, pass and trimmed, easy and simple
✔ Multiplayer Events where you compete with your favorite team against all users of the game to get fantastic prizes. During the Copa America results The real match will result in events.
✔ Format and Calendar similar to 2015 Copa America from Chile: A competition with 12 teams participating in the league and knockout phases, 18 other American teams as well as the league and knockout stages and the last League of 18 teams with round matches.
✔ Earn coins to buy Power-ups for your team and players.
✔ Simple controls for both experienced and novice players.
✔ The game that is living with dynamic graphics and 3D animations.

Striker Soccer America 2015 Mod Apk (Use of gold coins without increasing the increase)

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