Stories: Your Choice Mod Apk (Tickets/Diamonds)

Stories: Your Choice Mod Apk
Stories: Your Choice Mod Apk Choose your Own Adventure in the story: your choice! Play through the best collection of interactive stories and gain unprecedented freedom to choose what happens. New chapters every week!
• Choose from our collection of stories by the best writers, and experience action, adventure, horror, magic, mystery, crime, and much more!
• Choose your journey through each story, and remember that every decision has its consequences!
• Choose your character personality! Are you going to be a hero or a villain? A righteous leader or a tyranny? A heartbreaker or loyal partner? The choice is yours!
• Choose your character's appearance! The game offers a variety of outfits and hairstyles to choose from!
• See how your choice impacts the plot but don't forget that the consequences may be unexpected!

Here are just a few stories you can choose from:

 "From Demi-god and Man ":
Stir the rebellion and assemble the troops to take revenge on the God who stole your hometown! You will enter a world of great fantasy where demigods use mankind to combat the gods. Drink till morning with the criminals, fight the tyrannical soldiers, and have sex with the Goddess demi-and it's not all this story has to offer! Your own choice will determine whether a humanitarian rebellion succeeds or fails.

 "Escape From Heaven":
You wake up on a secluded island and find yourself surrounded by a beautiful woman fighting over you. It's up to you to figure out how you end up here and what happens. You will meet pretty desperate girls for your attention, swim under waterfalls, and relax in the sunshine. But don't let this paradise distract you from a series of murders happening on the island! Your own choice will determine how the story ends.

 "Under the Damned screen ":
Hoist the screen and set out to sea under the black flag! A wicked robber has killed your lover, but your sadness and anger have been giving you the power to take revenge. Collect crew of cursed pirates, steal ships, and chase assassins! Cannon blasting, on-board battles, sea monsters and demons, friendship and betrayal, rum and beautiful girls (and maybe romance, or even more...): This is your story, and only you can choose how it will end. Full speed in front, Captain!

Stories: Your Choice Mod Apk (Tickets/Diamonds)

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