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Stay Alive: Survival Mod Apk
Stay Alive: Survival Mod Apk Stay Alive: Survival is a free multiplayer MMORPG game, with shooter elements and strategies, about surviving on an uncharted island filled with cannibals, enemy pirates, and predatory animals. Manage to survive and not fall prey where all life is hunting you!

Turn on your tactics and strategic thinking - you can not only survive, but also complete the quest that will bring you along with an interesting storyline!

Plan. You are a brave pirate and the main organizer of a conspiracy in the pirate gallery. The riots failed and you and the other participants were sentenced to death. All your friends might die, or maybe not! Search for clues and artifacts, solve secrets to get closer to the main goal - to take revenge on the Captain and become the Pirate King.

During the game, you will:
- to hunt
- Explore the uncharted islands of the archipelago
- to extract resources
- to study and develop technology
- craft weapons and equipment
- Survive against aggressive fauna on the island
- To overcome the natives and pirates
- Do a search and search to find a way to defeat the Captain, his henchmen and wear the crown of the pirate king.

Don't delay - gather resources, renew buildings on the island, open new territories to rebuild damaged ships that will become your home!

The main thing - do not panic and remember the following tips:

- You need to hunt and find edible resources - they satisfy your hunger and thirst. Otherwise, you will die - it's saved.
- Explore all the islands, each island is rich in resources, and on some, you will find a cache of valuable booty.
- Think about the strategy and tactics for your next action, properly calculate the resources for the trip - otherwise, you will die.
- On these islands, there is no place for friendship and sentiment. The only safe place for you is the location of your home. Beware of other players on this island - they will definitely want to take everything you have in your backpack. You can also test your strength in battle with other players, because who knows what is hidden in their backpack. Win or die.
- Get the resources you find on the islands. They will be needed to make the weapons and equipment needed to survive - this is survival, don't forget.
- Almost all animals found on these islands - they want to devour you! Defeat them to get valuable resources from each animal, or escape - otherwise, you will die.
- Your most evil enemy on the island is the locals. Don't think about making friends with them - because you only have lunch or dinner for them. Cannibals and kill you without fail. So arm yourself with teeth - or die.

Stay Alive: Survival And Adventures is a free multi-player MMORPG game with shooter elements and strategies. But this game also has the ability to buy content with real money - in the form of weapons, resources, premium accounts, and game currency.

All purchases in the store can be done for free;
Studied all the recipes;
Items are not spent during crafting.

Stay Alive: Survival Mod Apk + Obb

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