Spooky Wars Mod Apk (Unlock chest with 1 Gem)

Spooky Wars Mod Apk
Spooky Wars Mod Apk Spooky Wars is an epic game mixing tower defense (TD) and strategy mechanics with action elements.

Your goal is to lead your army of sinister legends to victory. You build a deck, gather your troops and build your castle to destroy your enemies. Save your troops! Save your castle! Save the Kingdom!

A fast-paced strategy game where you have to think fast! Choose your strategy and clash with your enemies in this exciting war game. Designed for tower defense lovers, but enhanced with many strategies, Spooky Wars is the card battle game you've been looking for.

Collect and upgrade more than 50 cards to strengthen your troops and strengthen your fortress. Join spooky legends like Frankenstein, Dracula, Werewolf and many more. Arm your castle with powerful weapons from Bombard and Crossbows to the mighty Laser and Teslas.

Enter the arena and clash with your opponents in epic battles for glory and victory. Build the strongest deck and destroy your enemies. On the battlefield, what matters is strategy and action.

Enemies are racing to your castle. Don't let them destroy your kingdom!

the features
⭐️ Collect more than 50 cards to increase your spooky army and castle
⭐️ Play on 6 different battlefields
⭐️ Play Quests in 5 different game modes
⭐️ Play with your friends and compete in local and global leaderboards.
⭐️ Compete with your enemies and become the best player in the world
⭐️ Gather your troops and fight for glory
⭐️ Command and control your unit in battle
⭐️ Addictive strategy and action game
⭐️ PvP (Player vs Player Fighting) coming soon with online multiplayer (Real-Time, not alternately)
⭐️ Free game: play on your mobile and tablet
⭐️ Strategy duel game

Spooky Wars Mod Apk (Unlock chest with 1 Gem)

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