Space wars: spaceship shooting Mod Apk (God Mode)

Space wars: spaceship shooting Mod Apk
Space wars: spaceship shooting Mod Apk Space wars: a spaceship shooting game, one of the games that have come out and been around a long time with lots of fans. If you are a fan of this Space wars game, I'm sure you will feel satisfied and it will make you addicted
This is a classic shooter game, but we have built and developed more modern and beautiful contexts, graphics and scripts.
Peaceful life on earth is always threatened by enemy forces, this is an alien. They always threaten to invade and destroy the earth, to turn the earth into their colony
Your mission is to control spaceships and fighters to destroy enemy forces, invaders, destroy aliens, and protect a peaceful life on earth.
Space games will take you into fiery battles, through various levels of emotion. You will face many challenges, with stronger enemies and very modern weapons.
But don't worry, during the shooter game, you can collect more gold, diamonds, weapons from enemies to equip yourself and buy more modern weapons to fight them.

- Amazing graphics
- good script
- Easy to control
- extraordinary music
- Two modes in-game: shooting games offline and PVP (Online - multiplayer)
How to play
- Move the plane left and right
- Shoot to destroy the target
- Upgrade the equipment
- Upgrade the spaceship

Space wars: spaceship shooting Mod Apk (God Mode)

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