Soul Saver Mod Apk (Enemy Can't Attack/NO ADS)

Soul Saver Mod Apk 
Soul Saver: Idle RPG
Sweep Bad Monsters! Mobile Soul Saver version online!

■ Soul Saver on mobile
Funny and charming ' Soul saver ' on Mobile! Soul Saver: RPG idle!
Funny characters in the background of the original game!
Greet all Heroes of Soul Saver through your mobile!

■ Constant evolving across both online and offline
Full automatic battles
Either you play the game or turn off the game
Your Heroes grow relentlessly!

■ ' Easy to play ' that you can make with one hand
One hand is enough to play
Any game content
Enjoy playing games easily with one hand

■ ' Seal ' that enhances the Heroes with Soul of The Monsters.
Don't be depressed when you fail!
Use the soul of your defeated monsters to Seal!
This will make your Heroes more powerful!

■ ' Talisman ' helps build your own strategy
Unique strategy with 28 Talismans
Powerful Heroes, weak enemies, faster game Play,
Build your own combinations of Talismans with various effects.

■ Organize your Guild with your friends!
Enjoy playing Ghost Soul Saver with your friends through Guild!
You can improve the various Guild Skills by growing Guild!
Upgrade Heroes with 24 different Guild skills!

Soul Saver Mod Apk (Enemy Can't Attack/NO ADS)

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