Somnus : Nonogram Mod Apk (A lot of tips)

Somnus : Nonogram Mod Apk
Somnus : Nonogram Mod Apk In the stillness of the night when everyone is asleep, take a fantastic journey through dreamland.

This story is about a dream we had as a child.

Find the stories that await you at the end of the dream.

We will wait for you in Nonogram's dream.

Somnus : Nonogram Feature

- Hundreds of puzzles available.

- Amazing pixel art.

- Tested puzzle logic (possible logical solutions)

- Google's cloud storage feature.

- Current puzzles are saved automatically when ending the game.

- Wider range of difficulty (10 × 10, 15 × 15, 20 × 20)

- Regular Normal mode and BigMap mode that complements the story.

- Various controls (Touch, pad, magnifier).

- Additional two-finger zoom, zoom in, move, and undo features.

- Various user accommodative options (Automatic answer checking, UI location changes, On / Off, etc.)

- An entertaining story that develops along with the completion of the puzzle

Somnus : Nonogram Mod Apk (A lot of tips)

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