Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time Mod Apk (Unlimited Live/ Gold Coins/ Unlock VIP)

Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time Mod Apk
Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time Mod Apk The evil Crows have wiped Simon's cat's favorite delicious Treats and only you can help him find them!

Join Simon's Cat, Maisy, Chloe and jazz, and a cat figure is determined in a colorful adventure through several new places where Treats is just waiting to be eaten.
Get ready to collect delicious Treats, fight big villains and make friends with a number of animal creatures in this free puzzle game by adding CATitude!

Simple and addictive puzzle gameplay! Connect the same colored Treats to make the chain delicious!

Play your way through the neighborhood in six different game modes and hundreds of challenging levels!

Challenge your friends! Can you beat your friend's high score Purrfect?
Can you beat the criminals? Use Treats and special boosters to fight against Sir Royston the Pug, Mr. Potts, the hungry hedgehog and even treat the crazy Vacuum Cleaner!
Play with Simon's Cat featuring brand new animations

Simon's Cat is the most naughty cat on the internet and has become a global phenomenon. A star of over 60 films, which has been watched over 870 million times, and a winner of several major industry awards, Simon's Cat has captured the hearts of spectators around the world.

Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time Mod Apk (Unlimited Live/ Gold Coins/ Unlock VIP)

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