Sid Shock Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode/No ADS)

The maker  "SID Story " will present you with an exciting RPG depicting the future risk of SID.

Meet the funny and captivating characters SID and grow them.
They are called  "Sidian ".
With Sidians captivating, defeating our threatening powers.
And, bring back the souls of other Syrians who were taken away by evil forces.

On an adventurous journey, you'll find a unique system that you've never experienced before.
 "Exploration " makes you select and enjoy the content you like.

The amount of content you can find through  "exploration " will continue to grow.

1. Interesting characters

The Sidians belong to each of the five groups.

"White " with God's blessing.
 "Red " powerful attack.
 "Blue " becomes cold-hearted under any circumstance.
Meticulously and sharply  "Yellow "
 "Black " overcoming evil by using evil forces.

-The main character that has kept the SID safe will come and fight.
-You can grow Sidians all the way to the end, making them stronger.
-You will be able to meet more than 900 characters from SID STORY via content updates.

2. Exciting battles

Enjoy the battles using the fantastic skills and finishers of Sidians.
Collect resources and items through short, quick battles.
Use resources and items for Sidians growth.

-There are five-sidian battles and ten-Sidian battles.
-Develop strategies under the five-work system.
-Use skills and strategic finishers to defeat your enemies.
-Enjoy quick and easy battles.

3. A new way to continue

You will play the game through  "Exploration ".
We don't, but you make a decision about everything about gameplay.
 "Exploration" lets you fulfill various prizes, battles, and competitions.
Among them, you can choose the content you like and enjoy it.

4. Thrilling competition

You can find PvP through  "Exploration "
You can set up a strategy, then choose your opponent and win.
Thrilling competitions offer a variety of awards.

5. Powerful Boss worlds.  "Kasra " and "Sabani "!

Two-handed final bosses will emerge as world bosses.
Both world bosses are active seasonally.
You can bring back the lost soul of the Sidians from each season.

6. New Story

This Game is news about the future of SID Story.
This will be an important part of the upcoming SID Saga.

Sid Shock Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode/No ADS)

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