Shadow Fighter Mod Apk Shadow Fighter is an excellent action game. Excellent combat Shadow game.

The world is peaceful, people's lives are happy, but there is always a hidden threat from the forces of evil, dark, with a plot to sabotage, destroying the peaceful life. This is the power of darkness, are zombies, monsters, Dark Dragons... By conspiring to dominate the world of peace, they always find ways to destroy life and peace in the world. You as a shadow soldier, a hero, with invincibility force and your duty to fight against dark forces to protect world peace.

In the game, you will as a shadow soldier, will join and experience a very fierce battle. You will represent the righteous to fight against enemies, monsters, zombies. Prevent evil forces, monsters, zombies to invade Earth and land of peoples

What will you do to fight the forces of evil? Many weapons to support you like Knights, hammer, archery. In addition, there are many pets to support you in battle, will accompany and help you as an assistant

With Shadow Fighter, o many characters for you to choose, you will become a superhero fighting for peace. There are many levels and experiences that give you a lot of difficulty levels with battles, difficulty level

In Shadow Fighter there are also many monsters, zombies, dark dragons for you to fight them.

Shadow Fighter, you can also collect a lot of gold medals, diamonds to increase your power and destroy all enemies. In addition, shadow soldiers also have weapons, special attacks with great destruction to destroy animals, faster zombies in every battle

After every 5 levels, there is a monster boss with great power, to destroy these enemies, requiring you to be smart, skilled... This battle will give you a pleasant feeling and a beautiful feeling

* Shadow Fighter Feature
-Characters: Hero, Shadow Warrior, Super Shadow Warrior
-Level: Normal, Hard, very...
-Beautiful Graphics
-Beautiful effects
-More powerful weapons to attack zombies, monsters, demons
– Daily Searches
– Shopping

-Giant rocks: attack with enemies
-Dryad: Shoot the arrows to destroy enemies
– Special: Restore Health characters

* Controls in Shadow Combat:
– Running
-More special attacks


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