Scratch Wars Mod Apk (Always your first turn/Out battle = Battle draw)

The crowd of heroes is ready to go to training as soon as they are freed from the curse. Show them that they can be brave again and break the curse forever. Arm them with weapons and prove their courage in fierce battles with real opponents in online PvP or with your friends in duels on request.

Get weapons for you heroes, fight and win duels and get coins for super-powerful weapons, spells, and new heroes to join your team!

Enjoy preparation for battle, you will plan and combine the right weaponry for your heroes and teach them spells. All of this is part of your strategy during battle.

During the duel you choose with which weapon to attack, you react to your opponents' strategies and apply your own tactics. Choose the best moment to defend, heal or prepare a combo attack! You embrace the ability of the hero to strengthen the effects of weapons and you think about the level of risk: "Will I use a sword with 2 chances for a combo or would I prefer to use a bow that has a lower force than a punch but a higher chance to land on a combo?"

As soon as you enter the game, you will find its complexity and its depth is sophisticated and unexpected. Find the right strategy for your hero and weapons to create more sets of heroes and fight to get ranked in the weekly league and for overall ranking! Start thinking about spells and their best use in battle. Dare to fight the evil Boss and advance in the game story. We guarantee that in the spirit of the motto of the game ", you will always have more to explore!

If you enjoy the game, you can find what makes this game unique in the game world:
💥The game is connected to a physical card game. The physical card game Scratch Wars offers a hero scratch card that can be played as a board game and has the same rules as the game on the App.
💥You can have all the physical hero cards and weapon cards in the App by scanning the QR code.
💥Every hero is unique by his name and his strength is on a scale of -8 to +8 on average (most heroes have strengths at 0 = average, heroes with powers of -8 and +8 are very rare and are issued only in pieces from every type of hero)
💥 Each weapon is also unique (Weapons have unique strengths on a scale of -8 to 8 and have a code name)
💥You can have a collection of very rare and valuable physical cards among collectors and play with them on the App.

This game is not a "pay to win" game because heroes and weapons can be obtained by playing on the App. The most important thing is the best combination of cards, not the strength of the cards. Indeed, even the most common weapons are in the right combination, with suitable heroes, very powerful!

Scratch Wars features:
- Get coins for hero leases and weapon purchases in the market.
- Possibility to find 85 heroes and 140 weapons.
- Learn the rules with a simple tutorial.
- Play PvP duels with other players at the same level.
- Follow the results in the Weekly Ranking.
- Challenge your friends to an online duel.
- Earn silver and gold coins and exchange them for a spell on the market. Advance the spell to the highest level.
- Fight against an evil boss.
- Have an overview of your card collection.

Scratch Wars Mod Apk (Always your first turn/Out battle = Battle draw)

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