Scary Hospital Mod Apk (All paid enemies have been purchased) + Obb

Scary Hospital Mod Apk
Scary Hospital Mod Apk Welcome to the Scary Hospital.

You Freddy. Your grandmother and grandfather admit it at a mental hospital for your treatment, but after a few days, the doctor will change your treatment in a new hospital.

You are the patient of this hospital now. Here in this scary hospital, there are crime nurses, ghosts, Creatures (zombies), Bigfoot, Hunter and evil dolls that can hear any sound. Ghosts will kill you if he finds you trying to hide under a bed, locker or safe place.
Now you are locked in this haunted hospital. Now you should try to get out of this scary hospital.

Now you are a nightmare hostage and the ghosts are all nightmares become more realistic. Just one step wrong can be your death.
You try to escape but once you ghost to search for you.

The night is dark and hospital alone.

If you like survival and scary hospital adventure horror games will be the perfect pickup for you.
Play the game enjoy it and let see how long you can survive in the haunted hospital
You are alone here to fight with your nightmare.

In Christmas and New Year, we bring a horror escape adventure game. With amazing sound effects and graphics.

The scary hospital is really creepy and challenges the first-person horror.

Scary Hospital Features
Keep moving
Solving Puzzles
A thrilling horror experience
Interesting Gameplay
Amazing horror Atmosphere
HD Audio
6 different music
5 Difficulty modes
Amazing Graphics
Atmospheric fear and tension

Scary Hospital Mod Apk (All paid enemies have been purchased) + Obb

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