Sakura Scramble! Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

Sakura Scramble! Mod Apk
Sakura Scramble! Mod Apk After a lot of hard work, you've managed to make it a high school! However, there is only one thing that really is in your mind... Find a boyfriend! Legend has it that if two lovers admit their feelings under the Sakura tree on the schoolyard, their love will last forever. When you ponder the possibilities of your future, you reunite with your childhood friend named Poppy – an energetic and spunky girl that you haven't seen for years. You both decide to help each other out – you find her a boyfriend, and she will find you a boyfriend!
Within a week, you find yourself getting acquainted with a beautiful senior as well as a unique girl from another class. You all quickly become friends... But then you start wondering. Who do I want to admit to my feelings under the Sakura tree...?

■ Characters ■
☆ Energetic-Poppy Friends ☆
You used to hang out with Poppy when you were both little children. She grew up to be quite romantic and believes in Sakura legends as you do. He is always full of energy and knows how to have a good time. But is he more than just a friend to you...?

☆ The unavoidable seniors-Willow ☆
Willow is a senior in your school and is famous for its incredible looks and brilliant minds. You grew closer and closer to him after meeting the opportunity at the school and learned that there were more of this girl than look unenvious.

☆ Weird Girl-Raven ☆
Raven is not the kind of girl who accepts the norm – she does things by herself and is proud of it. But that doesn't mean he's not a fan of the company. In fact, you quickly become friends with him and you start to feel he's become a very important part of your life...

Sakura Scramble! Mod Apk (No ruby consume for premium choices)

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