Rubber Robbers Mod Apk (Card related to unlocking)

Rubber Robbers Mod Apk
Rubber Robbers Mod Apk What if you planned the biggest theft of the century and a pile of bank money is at stake? Who are you going to call?An anonymous hacker who specializes in cybersecurity ...
Or maybe a strange robber traveling on a rope?

The answer is clear and I hope you bring straps and hooks to your backpack!
Because of the rest of the gang members' intelligence, your job is to assist them in casting the right rope and also on a safe trip directly to the bank vault!

Sounds easy, right? We dropped the rope, went to cash, took the money and ran! Well - in theory, it's simple, but it's actually brutal.

Because unlike your gang of robbers - bankers and jewelry aren't stupid!
They are doing heavy work - after all, lots of money is at stake.

Get ready for bombs, saws, tazers, and the good God of Economy knows what else.
That's all for one reason - to reduce your team - the fewer robbers in the treasury, the less money you pull out of the safe, and the whole puzzle game won't be worth the effort.

Rubber Robers is a unique casual game (and also a demanding adventure game) that links logic with reflexes and a little luck - the only mix of these three things will make a successful bank robbery! Or theft of jewelry - gold is more stable in these difficult times ...

This addictive logic game with a rope as your friend is made with love for games and money by Simplicity Games.

Rubber Robbers Mod Apk (Card related to unlocking)

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