Rope Rescue Mod Apk (All Chapter Unlock/Ad-Free Unlock)

Rope Rescue is a brand new challenging puzzle game. Rescue all the stickmen from the big flames by rope. Treat yourself hundreds of fun, control ropes, overcome obstacles, solve challenging, and unique puzzles.
Did you know that Rope Rescue can help your brain? Yes, it's entertaining, challenging and just a great game for everyone. So many crazy unique puzzles you can play.

Playing is easy! Pull the rope to make a safe path, control all the stickmen in the rope and rescue them.
Don't forget to avoid obstacles along the way. Bomb, Lazer, SAW, Pistol,... Hazardous. You are in a rescue game, beware of these obstacles.
It's addictive! If you play Rope Rescue, make sure you have nothing to do. You will play it for hours and can not put it.

* Easy to pick up and play anytime you need a little treat
* Suitable for all ages.
* Pull ropes to solve challenging puzzles.
* Train your brain. Try many ways to play as this is a logical puzzle.
* Amazing music, sounds, visuals, and graphics
* Play thousands of fun levels!
* Collaborate with friends and another players-an easy way to save all of the stickmen.

Rope Rescue Mod Apk (All Chapter Unlock/Ad-Free Unlock)

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