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Roguelike RPG In Dungeon – Order of Fate v1.2.1 Mod Apk

Roguelike RPG In Dungeon Mod Apk In this roguelike RPG adventure, inspired by classic RPG games, you will venture deep into the Dungeon to explore its mysteries, fight hordes of enemies and collect many loots. A turn-based system will allow you to plan your every move and special mechanisms and interactions will twist the tactical aspects.

"When ancient evil will arise in the depths when followers of darkness will come out of hiding when villages will be terrorized and people will be in danger, you have no choice but to fight!"

- Browse caves, dungeons, and catacombs of Ancient Castle.
- Fight against heretic Devils and cleanse the world of hordes of monsters.
- Find rare armor, equipment, and magical artifacts.
- Collect your prizes for searching and make your own unique arrangements that will help you survive in the Dungeon.

In this fantasy role-play you will be able to captivate and enhance your weapons, complete an adventure driven by knowledge, gain new skills for your character and with each battle won, get closer to destroying the source of all evil.
Be warned, the Sect will dissuade you and only by unraveling their mysteries and finding their secret treasure room you will be able to win. But don't get consumed by your greed because of your knowledge or treasure: Dungeons are always ready to attack.
Choose your own destiny - become a land hero who will go down in legend or become a nightmare that will bend the darkness itself as he wishes.

Roguelike RPG In Dungeon Feature:
- Procedurally Generated Levels - each location is unique and will change every time you explore many Dungeon levels.
- Play Offline - roguelike we don't need to be connected to the internet at any time.
- Monster Variety - each monster provides a new challenge and adds to the complexity of the fight if they work together.
- dive into knowledge and meet unique characters - uncover the story of the land, make friends along the way and write down the history of your name.
- Many adventures, achievements, adventures and offline games make our free roguelike RPG one of the best turn-based strategy games on the market. Do not believe us? Try it yourself!

Free purchases of gold for diamonds;
Enemies do no damage to you.

Roguelike RPG In Dungeon – Order of Fate v1.2.1 Mod Apk