Rogue Hearts Mod Apk (Forged items cost gold 0/ Free Shopping) + Obb

Rogue Hearts Mod Apk
Rogue Hearts Mod Apk 
A roguelike game reinterpretation as a mobile game!
Explore the transformed dungeons every time you enter them and find the treasure!
A dramatic scenario held in Lunan, a beautiful fantasy world.
A turn-based mobile RPG system simultaneously, "Rogue Hearts ", where you can control the character and play the game.

Rogue Hearts FEATURES
* A true Roguelike Mobile game
-Controls optimized for mobile games. Both Portrait and Landscape modes are supported for smartphones.
* Random Contents
-Dungeons and new monsters generated every time. Countless strategies and styles of play to be enjoyed in it.
* Heart-pounding battle Boss
– You have to catch the boss's pattern and find his weakness in order to achieve victory. The activities of each turn are crucial to your winnings or defeats.
* Earn rewards by solving various traps and riddles inside dungeons!
-Dungeons filled with various traps and mysterious puzzles prepared for adventurous excitement. Who will finish it first and win the treasure?
* Grow the main character by using powerful skills, tools, and items!

Rogue Hearts Mod Apk (Forged items cost gold 0/ Free Shopping) + Obb

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