RadishGirl Mod Apk

Rural landscapes that quietly open.

With disproportionately large turnips and middle school girls who cling to them superimposed on the scene.

The high school girl determinedly climbed the towering turnips.

But why did he go up?

No one knows. Even today, the high school girl is still clinging to turnips.

How to play
- Knocking on the screen makes high school girls climb radishes
- The stage is cleaned when he reaches the top of the turnips
- If he touches one of the radish roots it's over
- Try to climb while avoiding traps

100 radishes
- 100 total radishes with all kinds of "evil" traps
- Emptying one radish lets you go to the next

A free ad to continue
Pop up to continue when the character dies, click the triangle symbol to use.

RadishGirl Mod Apk

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