Puppet Soccer Champions Mod Apk (Passive bots/Disabled ads)

Puppet Soccer Champions 2013/2014 is all about...
⚽ Cute cartoon caricature
⚽ All famous football player socks dolls and leagues
⚽ Skillfully Silky Gameplay
⚽ Bighead fun 2-player mode

Choose your team, play as your favorite soccer player and score as many goals as you can! Pass, shoot, dribble, foul-it's all here. Play in Single-Player mode or collaborate with friends for awesome 2-player mode.

What a twist? Unlock bonus balls to spread slime, ice and chewing gum into the field, make a tricky play for your opponent's Marioneta and much more fun for you! Not a big fan of Robin Van Persie from Manchester or Fellaini? Don't worry – your soccer success opens up new stars and skills: You'll soon be able to choose your perfect doll player!

Change the control method to suit your style to give your Marioneta player the best chance of victory. Practice Tricks & kicks in to make yourself a master Marionette from the Football Federation. Play striker, goalkeeper, defense and midfield all at the same time...

Champion soccer game...
⚽ More than 30 socks football team
⚽ Over 90 notable player cartoon leather puppets
⚽ Score high for bonus coins!
⚽ Splitscreen multiplayer for two players on one device
⚽ League season climb 2013/2014 with achievements and high scores
⚽ Best physics for ball and crazy goals

Puppet Soccer Champions Mod Apk (Passive bots/Disabled ads)

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