Pulsar Music Player Pro Apk

Pulsar Music Player Pro Apk
Pulsar Music Player Pro Apk Pulsar Music Player has long been one of the best music players on Android. This is an offline audio player without ads. The beautiful user interface matches every detail of the material design guidelines.

Pulsar contains almost every feature needed to meet all your music needs including slitless playback, lyrics display, crossfade, rotational speed adjustment, tag editing, last.fm scrobbling, Chromecast, voice commands, Android Auto, equalizer, music visualizer, audio balance, ReplayGain, sleep timer, etc.

Main feature:
✓ Beautiful and animated user interface with material design.
✓ Manage and play music based on albums, artists, folders, and genres.
✓ Smart playlists with the most played songs recently played and recently added tracks.
✓ Automatic synchronization of missing album/artist pictures.
✓ A quick search across all albums, artists, and songs.
✓ Home screen widget that can be resized.
✓ Non-gap playback support.
✓ Rotate speed adjustment.
✓ Crossfade support.
✓ Playback the normalized volume gain.
✓ Default metadata tag editor (mp3 and others).
✓ Display lyrics (embedded and lrc files).
✓ Render music visualizer.
✓ Chromecast (Google Cast) support.
✓ Google voice command support.
✓ Automatic Android Support.
✓ Disable car autoplay on Bluetooth.
✓ Sound balance adjustment.
✓ Last.fm scrobbling.
✓ A variety of colorful themes.
✓ Ad-free.
✓ Sleep timer.

Pulsar Music Player Pro Apk

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