Police Cop Simulator Gang War Mod Apk (a lot of money)

Police Cop Simulator Gang War Mod Apk Try the role of a real police officer! Walk from cadet to captain - head of the Police Department! Stop and check pedestrians for illegal documents and prohibited items, as well as car drivers and traffic violators. Arrange police chases that are of interest to offenders, but don't forget to do the routine work of a simple police officer - maintain law and order in the city.

You have just graduated from the Police Academy, and you are assigned to this city. Historically the city has several gangs, and the local police chief is trying to maintain a delicate balance, but problems in gang relations are piling up, few can forget the old complaints, the war for resources and financial flow is becoming more acute, and soon, this powder barrel will rise and the arrival of a real gang war! Relationships with gangs depend on your actions and how many civilians will suffer, as well as which gangs can have a real influence on the city and destroy the rest of the gang!

Develop your character and improve your ranking! Like a police officer, you have two ways - legal and illegal. It is possible to finalize law and order violators strictly, then at the next inspection your work will be estimated by the government and you wait for promotions, and also bonuses. And you can be cleverer and take bribes to help gangs in their black country, and sell evidence on the black market. Only you can decide which method to choose: appropriate and long or dishonest, but faster.

Police Cop Simulator Gang War features:
- More than 40 cars from special to civil
- Three types of vehicle control in the pursuit of perpetrators
- Three types of cameras when driving a car chasing police
- The full realism of this patrol police car - from the headlights to the sirens
- Choose the appearance of the main character
- Five police uniforms
- Ranges from cadets to captains
- More than 10 police patrol cars
- Two ways of character development - good and bad police
- Various gadgets that are indispensable for the police (better sticks, body armor, cameras, etc.)
- A variety of weapons, both cold and firearms: from clubs and pistols to rifles and shotguns
- Unique inspection system for pedestrians and cars
- Police call system from the Manager (chasing stolen cars, accident design)
- Realistic car physics - car breakdown system, speedometer, fuel level control
- Find out the life of a police officer from the inside: get paid, get ready for an inspection of the authorities, bonuses, and fines
- Car tuning system (car painting / disk replacement / spoilers / suspension regulation)
- The story, related to gang war and police
- Smart city service system: the wounded and killed is taken by ambulance to the hospital, and the detained criminals are taken by the rice train to the police station
- Addictive gameplay, featuring all the charms of an ordinary police life

Police Cop Simulator Gang War Mod Apk (a lot of money)

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