Pocket Politics Mod Apk (Anti Cheat/Higher Bonus from Upgrade)

 Pocket Politics Mod Apk
Pocket Politics Mod Apk Build the best democracy money can buy in this innovative political fun game!
Ask for lobbying to raise money for your political campaign. However, the lobby will not be enough to get you to the top alone. Recruit staff to help generate revenue and seduce support from top politicians for unique and strong bonuses. Tap your way from low-level campaign volunteers to the highest office in the country!

Pocket Politics FEATURE:

* The Pleasure of Political Tapping - With tons of ways to get money and get into a new, more powerful office, how you do it is up to you. Do you concentrate on tapping cash, paying staff to do it for you, or focusing on a strong political lobby to passively make money while you are offline?

* In-depth Strategy - Deciding which party to nominate or lobby to invest in is only the tip of the iceberg. Step down from your campaign to print the coveted political capital that you can use for support from strong party leaders.

* Lots of Content - Open dozens of powerful improvements that open up more possibilities to play the game any way you want. Love achievement? There are so many trophies waiting to be collected!

Pocket Politics Mod Apk (Anti Cheat/Higher Bonus from Upgrade)

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